Ahhh thank you peestuck you're coolbeans to the max!!!!

*hugss* no problem!! i hope you get lots of asks :D


your name is CALIBORN, though it was many years ago you were hatched its only today that you shall show, all the internet your strange “interests”. You’ve really only recently delved into said interests after many many decades of wetting the sarswapagus and even the occasional day wetting bringing much unwanted attention from your sister, have you finally begun alchemizing your own diapers at first it was merely to protect yourself but over the past few months it has evolved into something else completely, you find now a days it brings along an absoloutly *fillthy* feeling of being well…little also giving you rather nice feelings of comfort too tranquility almost things you once were only able to feel through your ‘pornography’. Of course you’re still a badass who wants to kill everybody, no lie but can’t a badass enjoy some time to chill out in his pimp ass diapers without worrying about accidents huh?? In any case you’ve made something you’ve heard speek of called “bubblr” with the intent of using it as a sort of diary keeping your feelings private from your real life bros and bitches keeping your macho man asshole image unruined as best you could you don’t want anybody thinking you’re a baby now do you? Anyways you use sort of strongly because diaries are for girls duh. You suppose however if others were to discover this blog you wouldn’t mind too much answering a question or two as to entertain the masses with your coolness.

Promo!! :D

That's perfectly fine ywy exactly what I wanted too!!


i’ll reblog now and then again later today when more people might see :3


I’ll reblog the post that was made to promo, if that’s OK? :3

Um uucest anon here again thank you for the fic ahhh!!! But uh I may or may not have started an ask/roleplay blog for ab/dl caliborn and I know this is so lame to ask but...if its maybe not too much trouble could you reblog I? You just have a lot of followers so maybe somebody will notice ; ;

by any chance, is the URL “calscrib”? just because i saw it a few minutes ago in the diaperstuck tag and it made me think of you, anon! :D

(will reblog when confirmed!)

i did some awful doodles with some random fox guy

i did some awful doodles with some random fox guy



"You’d struggle to pour water out of a boot with the instructions on the heel"

God DAMN thats some Shakespearean shit right there

new fav insult

the big fridge is leaving tomorrow (hopefully), to be returned to its place in the upstairs kitchen

my new fridge is waiting downstairs. i am excite.